Cordova twins

Birthdays and blessings

A family marks twins’ first birthday with gifts to the NICU at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – College Station.

After spending the first few days, weeks, or even months of their lives in the hospital, a first birthday is a big milestone for graduates of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unity (NICU) and their families.

The Cordova family chose to use the special occasion to honor the care their twins received in the NICU at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – College Station after they were born at 32 weeks.

“I was really looking forward to cuddling and bonding with Aisley and Marshall,” says mom Danielle Cordova. “It was really difficult to see them in the incubator hooked up to all these wires. All I really wanted to do was hold them.”

Mrs. Cordova says the NICU staff not only cared for her babies, but also helped her cope with their situation. “They were all so supportive. They were there for us emotionally and answered any questions we had.”

The twins spent just over one month in the NICU before they were able to go home. “It was bittersweet because we knew that taking them home would mean leaving the nurses who had grown to be like family to us,” Mrs. Cordova says.

In lieu of gifts for their first birthday, the family raised $700 to support the NICU. Their donation helped purchase a neonatal isolette, a simulation baby used for training, and NicView™—a live-streaming service that helps families connect with their infant when they cannot be at the bedside.

“My babies are thriving and growing by the minute,” Mrs. Cordova says, “but there’s always going to be babies who need that care. That’s why I think it’s so important to support this department and help supply the resources and equipment they need.”

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