Carey Hobbs

Getting back to life

Pain brought life to a standstill for Carey Hobbs.

He couldn’t golf, play with his grandchildren, work on his ranch, or even climb stairs due to the intense pain in his knees. His doctor recommended knee replacements.

“Dr. David Ferguson was very informative,” Mr. Hobbs says. “He told me exactly what to expect and what I needed to do afterwards.”

Although knee replacement is considered a major surgery, Mr. Hobbs says it was relatively easy. “It was almost a non-event,” he says. “In a matter of days, I was up walking. In two weeks, I was back to my daily routine.”

Physical therapy and rehabilitation are vital to the success of any orthopedic surgery because the body responds to surgery by creating scar tissue, which can hinder the normal functioning of joint replacements. Therapist Cameron Tripp showed Mr. Hobbs stretches that would help him stay limber and maintain full range of motion with his new knees.

“I like to stay active, so it was such a relief to get my knees repaired,” Mr. Hobbs says. “Now, I can take care of my ranch and take my grandchildren fishing and do all the other activities they like so much.”

“I know that as my generation gets older, we’re going to need more orthopedic care. I think we’re very fortunate to have the quality of orthopedics that we have here in Waco,” Mr. Hobbs says.

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