Dr. Raju greets Kason, whom he treated as a micro-preemie infant.

A Chance Encounter

A NICU doctor and the micro-preemie baby he treated meet up three years later.

When Brittani Weber brought her son Kason to the McLane Children’s NICU to help distribute comfort items with To the Moon and Back, she never imagined meeting up again with the physician who cared for her son as a micro-preemie infant.

“Have you ever felt like you have seen God’s work right before your eyes, like it was a dream happening right in front of you?” Brittani says. “That’s the best way I can describe seeing Dr. Raju hug my son in the exact place he saved Kason’s precious life three years ago.”

Kason was born at 28 weeks, weighing just one pound, 11 ounces. He went on to spend the first 96 days of his life in the NICU at Baylor Scott & White in Temple. “Dr. Raju was by our side every step of the way,” Brittani says. “He is the most knowledgeable and caring doctor I have ever met. People don’t often think about their doctors after they leave the hospital, but I always sent Christmas cards with updated photos of Kason to Dr. Raju, thanking him again for saving my son’s life. I was and always will be so grateful for that man.”

Brittani Weber, Kason, and Kelly Nix
Brittani Weber, Kason, and Kelly Nix deliver comfort items to the NICU as part of To the Moon and Back

Last spring, Brittani decided to show Kason where he was born. She brought him along while delivering items with To the Moon and Back, a group of volunteers that hand-crafts hats, blankets, laundry bags and more for babies and families in the NICU. Learn more about To the Moon and Back.

“We walked into the hospital and I was immediately overwhelmed with emotion,” Brittani says. “It almost seemed as if we had never left.”

While showing Kason where his isolette had been located in the NICU, Brittani heard someone say their names. “I turned around and it was Dr. Raju!” Brittani says. “Non of us expected to run into each other, but it was all in God’s timing.”

Brittani describes the emotional scene as Dr. Raju knelt down with tears in his eyes to give Kason a big hug. “Dr. Raju was so happy to see Kason. The last time they were together, Dr. Raju was holding his little body in the palm of his hand, and now Kason could wrap his arms around him.”

“It was a healing moment for me,” Brittani says. “and I will cherish it forever. Really, it’s hard to put into words the feeling that we all had at that moment. It was incredible.”

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