Donors tour the expanded PT/OT suite at McLane Children's

Growing Stronger Together

An 18,000 square-foot expansion opens at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center.

Donors gathered on Thursday, October 3 to celebrate the completion of the most recent growth spurt at McLane Children’s, which coincides with the hospital’s eighth birthday.

“Over the past 20 years, we’ve grown from just one pediatric clinic and one floor of the hospital to this amazing free-standing hospital and multiple clinics throughout Central Texas,” says Dell Ingram-Walker, Vice-President of Operations for McLane Children’s.

“It is thanks to your kindness and generosity that we are here today. We are excited to welcome children to this expanded space, and we are looking forward to the future as we continue to grow.”

Donors toured the $26 million expansion—entirely funded by philanthropy—which focused on four key areas: Physical and Occupational Therapy (PTOT), the Fikes/CEFCO Emergency Department, Imaging, and the Carolyn & Wendell Williams Special Procedures Unit.

Frequent patients Logan Parker, Gus Karl, and Ava Canales were on hand to demonstrate the PTOT equipment for donors. The children were thrilled with the department’s expanded space, which more than doubled its square-footage. Donors also played in the new sensory room, designed to engage patients who may be over- or under-stimulated during therapy.

In the Fikes/CEFCO Emergency Department, donors explored six new patient rooms that will enable doctors to treat 10,000 additional patients each year. Two of the rooms are designated “safe rooms,” designed with special doors to cover any equipment a patient might use to injure themselves or staff during a mental health crisis. Staff also demonstrated a new ultrasound machine used to quickly assess patients at the bedside following physical trauma. In addition, Lorenzo, the hospital’s facility dog, showed donors how he works with the Child Life team in the Emergency Department to comfort and distract children during procedures.

In the Imaging Department, donors viewed the new 3T MRI machine and side-by-side comparison scans to demonstrate the machine’s increased resolution. Designed to look like a tree house, the new MRI can deliver scans with much higher clarity in significantly less time, reducing the need to sedate patients who may have difficulty holding still for long periods.

In the Carolyn & Wendell Williams Special Procedures Unit, four rooms replaced curtained bays to provide patients more privacy and comfort. Donors learned about more than 100 types of procedures performed in the department that do not require an operating room. Staff also displayed new ultrasound equipment that will enable nurses to place PICC lines more quickly and painlessly.

“As a father of five,” says Dr. Dominic Lucia, Chief Medical Officer for McLane Children’s, “I truly appreciate having this world-class hospital in our community. We are so grateful to everyone who invests in high-quality healthcare for children in Central Texas.”

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