Happy mother's day

Honor the mothers in your life

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week, we celebrate all mothers—those who kissed our scrapes and bruises, who cheered us from the sidelines, who taught us to put others’ needs before our own. During these challenging times, we strive to follow their example of comfort, strength, and leadership.

With so many families practicing social distancing during the global pandemic, your Mother’s Day celebration may look a little different this year.

While you might not be able to be near your loved ones, you can still honor the mothers in your life with a special donation to help bring an end to the health crisis that keeps you apart.

There are many mothers fighting COVID-19 both on the frontlines of patient care and at home as they cope with the virus’s economic impact on their families. Your gifts can help care for them, so they can continue to care for our patients.

“No words can express how thankful I am for this generous gift. I just want to thank everyone who made this possible…from the bottom of my heart. My son and I will be forever thankful.” – Employees 1st Emergency Assistance Recipient

Learn more about our efforts to fight COVID-19

COVID-19 Relief Efforts
Specialized care and screening for our patients; advanced equipment and critically needed supplies; and research for new treatment and prevention options, including two clinical trials currently underway and two new studies on an experimental treatment option and a preventative option.

Employees 1st Emergency Assistance Fund
As our 28,000 frontline caregivers are treating patients who are sick, scared and in isolation away from their loved ones, they are also trying to keep themselves and their families safe from the virus.

Contributions to our Employees 1st Emergency Assistance Fund will provide immediate aid to our caregivers who are facing financial hardship as a result of this pandemic, including assistance with:

  • Hotel Costs: In an effort to keep their family members safe, many of our staff are choosing to stay at a hotel while serving our patients, and this fund can help cover those costs.
  • Childcare: While schools and daycares are closed, this fund can help cover childcare costs so our employees can continue faithfully serving our patients throughout this crisis.
  • Meals: For employees who are home sick with COVID-19 or quarantined due to a potential exposure, this fund can help provide meals or grocery delivery so they can focus on getting well.

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